Start-up of the CLAMBER project in Puertollano

The mayor, Mayte Fernández, said that the commissioning of the CLAMBER plant, a project that, in her opinion, adds value to Puertollano, is the beginning of a chain of good news for the city.

It is a project, which, in the words of Fernández, is a leader in the sector with the objective of generating employment. “It is very important technologically for research and everything deemed ‘environmentally friendly,’ because we need to respond to the conservation of the environment, and it integrates us into a regional strategy that has to do with other cities and their situations.”

The mayor said that the citizens of Puertollano need to hear this kind of positive message, and at the same time congratulated CLAMBER's staff, researchers, and scientists who will work at these facilities. “Your success will be the success of Puertollano.”

It is a positive message. She also recalled how, from her first moments at the City Council, she was committed to and fought for CLAMBER to come to Puertollano, and for that, she thanks Repsol’s generosity for the cession of a plot of land on which to build the plant after overcoming the difficulties of regional government change.

A city of research. It is a new investment that will lead to synergies, new knowledge, and a bright future and, above all, one that reinforces Puertollano as a research platform together with the National Hydrogen Centre and the Institute of Photovoltaic Systems (ISFOC).