CPV4H2 Project partners, ISFOC, BSQ Solar and H2B2, achieve their firsts results in the production of Green Hydrogen

On October 21st, 2020, the consortium of the CPV4H2 project - Pilot system for the production of hydrogen of solar origin with high conversion efficiency through photovoltaic concentration – has successfully certified the 2nd milestone of the project in a telematic meeting with the participation of all the partners and the technical auditor of the CDTI.




The consortium composed by the companies H2B2, BSQ Solar and ISFOC, which has the support of AROSA I+D for the management, has designed, built and tested a Green Hydrogen production system, using renewable electricity from concentration photovoltaic technology (CPV). This system serves as a proof of concept for the development of an industrial prototype with a capacity of H2 generation up to 17600cc/min, based on a 6kW high concentration photovoltaic system. This prototype includes a management system for the electricity generator and storage that will maximize the use of the solar resource for the generation of green hydrogen.

CPV4H2 project aims to develop and build a hydrogen production system based on electrolysis of water where, being the contribution of electricity from a high concentration photovoltaic system, the highest commercial efficiencies STH (Sun To Hydrogen) are achieved. Therefore, hydrogen production costs, scaled to industrial volume productions, can be competitive compared with the cost of conventional natural gas reforming means. It also includes a pilot system for the monitoring and validation of the production models and technologies developed.

With these first results, ISFOC, BSQ Solar and H2B2 embark on the technological race to develop highly efficient systems for the production of Green Hydrogen.

CPV4H2 project is co-financed by funds aimed at promoting regional cooperation in Research and Development (FEDER INTERCONECTA Program - CDTI), within the framework of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Innovation Research 2017-2020. File number: EXP- 00110833 / ITC-20181066.


ISFOC is a public company belonging to the Regional Government of Castilla La Mancha dedicated to R&D&i. ISFOC is a modern and cutting-edge company, created to promote technological development in the field of renewable energies and sustainable development, especially solar photovoltaic technology, energy efficiency and industry 4.0. ISFOC belongs to the Group Instituto de Finanzas de Castilla Mancha from the Regional Ministry of Economy, Business and Employment, and it is attached to the Regional Ministry of Sustainable Development of Junta de Comunidades de Castilla La Mancha.