The Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración (ISFOC) takes on the technical subsecretary of the INNFLUYE Project for creating a Technological Plataform called Spanish PV Technological Platform (PTEF Project). This Project has been awarded for two years (2011-2012), with a total budget of €140,230.10, and has obtained a funding of €70,115.05 in subsidies through the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry. Once again, The Ministry proves its big commitment and its implication with the Spanish PV sector, by supporting and funding the creation of this Platform up to 50%.

Platform Technological secretary will be assumed by Soliker Company (Unisolar Group Lt), which, altogether with ISFOC, will mada up the Consotium in charge of creating and managing the Platform over that two years. Platform main goal is to strengthen the integration of th Spanish companies and entities into the European R&D sector as well as the Spanish interests in the sector, by increasing our capacities and the access to the emerging levels of the markets through different instruments like open cooperative research or alliances inter-companies. Accelerating the Science and Innovation in the Spanish Pv sector is a target to achieve if Spain's aim is to continue leading the sector; therefore, it is necessary a harmonic development of the Science-Technology-Industry chain, by amplifying the different activating instruments of it.

Project's main goal, as presented to the INNFLUYE 2011 Call launched by the Spanish Science and Innovation Ministry, is the design, launching and deployment of a Spanish PV Technological Platform (PTEF Project) including companies, Technological Centeres, and Research Public Bodies from the different PV technologies: thin fil, mono and poly-crystalline Silicon, Concentration Photovoltaics as well as the auxiliary devices or any other new PV technology or mixed-up one, by identifying innovative lines in regard with new apllications and boosting the increasing presence of the Spanish Industry in the International markets through different instruments of collaboration between companies and participant entities, specially those related to the research of an appropriate development of PPPs (Public-Private Partnership), say, industry prototypes and R¬D projects. Therefore, technology transference and access to new know-how among members is boosted, each one improving and consolidating their participation into the markets, becoming more efficient and competitive and leading to a higher social responsibility.

 Regarding to the technological research area, heart of the Platform, the arget is to create a collaborative instrument for th PV sector in order to activate crucial relationships between the public and private agents and to boos the R&D activity for the industrial development of the companies and entities which participate on it.

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