Initial results of the INNPACTO project

Initial results of public-private CPV collaboration projects to maintain the leadership and the Spanish brand in the sector.


ISFOC hosts the CPV-8

ISFOC was the host of the CPV-8 International Conference on Concentration Photovoltaics.


Launch of "FOTOPLAT" platform

The Spanish Photovoltaic Technology Platform, FOTOPLAT, began its journey with the meeting of the Management Committee.


"Stipend for demonstration plants"

“There should be a stipend for the demonstration plants,” suggests Paqui Rubio, the director of R+D of the Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración.


Efficency record in the new CPV module

ISFOC collaborates in the measurements of the new Semprius high concentration module. This module has obtained the record, achieving 33.9% efficiency.