ISFOC - Innovative SME

The Institute for Concentration Photovoltaics Systems again confirms its condition as an Innovative SME member, since it has recently renewed its registration in the Public Registry of Innovative SMEs, belonging to this Registry since 2015. This renewal involves achieving the Hallmark of Innovative SME granted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, being valid until 2019. Consequently, and with this distinction, ISFOC certifies having proved its innovative capacity and character as well as its long history of constant innovation participating in R&D projects. 

This hallmark seeks to place value on SMEs, favour their identification, and help them with formulating specific policies, among other things, continuously and in accordance with the alignment of the European strategy, which seeks to establish vehicles for the growth and sustainability of SMEs committed to innovation.


ISFOC, established in 2006, was created as an R&D Company focused on CPV energy development in all areas. Since then, its participation in projects, whether they be regional, national, or international, has allowed ISFOC to be considered a masterful icon in the CPV energy field.