ISFOC´s Participation in the International Conference CPV13

ISFOC has actively participated in the International Conference CPV13, celebrated in Ottawa (Canada) during the first week of May 2017 (01-03 May). 

During the course of the Conference, ISFOC presented two interesting lectures to the scientific and business communities. Furthermore, they also displayed a poster showing a comparison with the effects that soil and dust have on the CPV systems installed in such different locations as Puertollano and Abu Dhabi (the latter city is enclosed in the project that ISFOC is executing in Masdar City, and which is financed by the Spanish Government using the FEV feasibility study funds).

cpv13 1

In the oral presentations, information and real data about ISFOC’s 8 years’ experience in the CPV energy area were released. Likewise, during the closing session, it was announced that ISFOC had been selected to host the next CPV Conference which will take place in Puertollano (Ciudad Real) in April 2018.

cpv13 3