Awarded the "Theseus Project"

The general objective of the THESEUS Project is the design, development, prototyping, and validation/monitoring of a low concentration photovoltaic system that improves the efficiency and cost competitiveness of current photovoltaic systems. The project is part of the State R+D+i program oriented toward the Challenges of Society.

The main objectives of the project are to promote the orientation of the scientific research developed in universities and public research organizations, as well as corporate R+D+i activities, towards the resolution of the present and future problems and needs of our society, in line with the challenges contained in the Spanish Strategy and the European Union scheme reflected in “Horizon 2020.”

One of the greatest Challenges of Society is the development of clean, safe, and efficient energy. This is how this project is framed, proposing the development of a system of low concentration photovoltaics that is competitive in areas of high irradiation, both compared to conventional flat panel photovoltaic technologies and in fossil fuel-based generation sources.

Project beneficiary: Abengoa Solar New Technologies SA

File identification number: RTC-2014-2304-3

Project title: Development of low concentration photovoltaic systems with high-efficiency solar cells and single-axis tracking systems: THESEUS

Participants in the project: Abengoa Solar, Rioglass Solar, Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración, University of Cádiz, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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